About Us

Our History

As one of the oldest and largest industrial refrigeration contractors, Midwest Engineering & Equipment Company was organized to design and install ammonia refrigeration systems when first introduced to the meat packing industry. Founded in 1914, Midwest supplied nearly all Chicago-based meat packing plants with services and equipment essential to the installation and maintenance of the ammonia compressors.

In 1968, Midwest Engineering & Equipment became DualTemp Installations. With the help of Midwest's former key employees, it didn't take long for DualTemp to solidify its position as a leader in the market.

By 1972, DualTemp Installations was known for their experience, quality of work, knowledge of the industry, and admirable business ethics—attributes which are still demonstrated today. As technology advanced, DualTemp Installations grew within the refrigeration industry. As the company expanded, DualTemp quickly gained the confidence of customers outside of Chicago.

By 1975, DualTemp Installations had become the largest and most respected industrial refrigeration contractor in the U.S. Though, primarily focused on the meat packing industry, DualTemp sought out other markets reliant on ammonia refrigeration. They began to extend their services to oil refineries, sugar mills, chocolate factories, bakeries, pharmaceutical companies, among others.

From the mid 70's to the mid 80's, there was a higher demand for ammonia compressor parts. In 1985, Refrigeration Product Sales was created to house a full inventory of items needed for the construction, modification or repair of industrial refrigeration systems. DualTemp created a warehouse stocked with aftermarket compressor parts, equipment, safety apparel, & safety equipment. The new addition assured competitive pricing while avoiding costly downtime for customers in emergency circumstances.

In 1987, the sale of safety equipment and apparel had increased. DualTemp made available safety training seminars to all firms who utilized ammonia as a refrigerant. Classes were conducted by a team of OSHA accredited instructors from Industrial Consultants; a family-based company located in Owasso, Oklahoma.

DualTemp Clauger continued to expand its operations. In addition to it's Chicago corporate office, DualTemp Wisconsin was founded in 1997. Settling in Brookfield, Wisconsin, the new branch extended the same services as its Chicago office making it easier for DualTemp employees to oversee projects while maintaining communication with its valued customers.

Today, DualTemp Clauger is still one of the most respected names within the industrial refrigeration industry. DualTemp is committed to our customers. DualTemp will guarantee your complete satisfaction. DualTemp has maintained the reputation that was hard-earned over 40 years ago.