Ammonia Safety

Ammonia Safety

As the only one of the early refrigerants to remain in use, ammonia has been the backbone of the cold storage and food processing industries since the early 1900s. Ammonia has 3 main advantages over other industrial refrigerants.

  1. Ammonia does not deplete the ozone layer and it won't contribute to global warming.
  2. Ammonia refrigeration systems use less electricity than other refrigerants.
  3. Its recognizable pungent and irritating odor makes ammonia the safest refrigerant available.

Although ammonia is the number one source used as an industrial refrigerant, the hazards should not be overlooked. Ammonia is classified as a toxic gas which is a fire risk and may cause an explosion if not handled properly.

DualTemp is here to make sure you stay in compliance with OSHA safety regulations. DualTemp is a stocking distributor for several major safety equipment manufacturers. We can provide you with everything needed to ensure your safety. As a distributor for Kappler, MSA, Drager, & Honeywell/Manning, we are pleased to offer the following products:

Respiratory Protection

  • SCBA's
  • Respirators:
    • airline
    • air purifying
    • powered

Respiratory Accessories

  • cannisters
  • cartridges
  • fit testing supplies
  • germicidal cleaners
  • spectical kits
  • nose cups
  • storage cabinets
  • training videos

Head, Eyes, Face & Hearing Protection

  • sound blockers / ear muffs
  • ear plugs
  • face shields
  • splash goggles
  • head protection
  • hard hats
  • visors

Permanent & Portable Detection Equipment

  • NH3 sensors
  • gas monitors
  • sulphur sticks
  • gas detectors
  • calibration kits
  • data-logging leak detectors
  • single channel gas monitors

Protective Clothing

  • Level A responder suits
  • Level B responder suits
  • training suits
  • chemical boots
  • cyrogenic gloves

Just to name a few! Call (800) 255-9801 today and ask about ALL of the safety products available to you! And while you're on the line, ask about enrolling in our safety training seminars!

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