SOP/PM/MOP Workshop

Duration: 32 Hours
Cost: $875 per individual
Description: The purpose of this four (4) day workshop is to develop an understanding of the requirements for developing and maintaining Proper Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) and proper Preventive Maintenance (PMs) frequencies, tasks and procedures (MOPs) that will meet the requirements of our industry and that of OSHA and EPA. This workshop will allow the attendee to bring their current SOPs, PMs and MOPs and review them to ensure they meet all the requirements (and identify any shortcomings) or to understand how to develop SOPs, PMs and MOPs such that they will be correct and meet all the requirements.
Scope: Topics Covered:
  • What OSHA and EPA will be looking for
  • Checklist for building SOPs, PMs, MOPs.
  • Example SOP (Template)
  • Example list of PM frequencies and tasks (Template)
  • Example MOP (Template)
  • How to document PM frequencies and tasks
  • How to review and certify SOPs
  • Verification and documentation of the accuracy of SOPs
  • Verification and documentation of the accuracy of MOPs
  • Training requirements for SOPs
  • Training requirements for MOPs
Hands on workshop:
  • Developing and writing SOPs
  • Developing and documenting PM frequencies
  • Developing and documenting PM task (content)
  • Developing and writing MOPs
What to bring: Bring your P&IDs, SOPs, PMs (frequency and tasks (content)) and MOPs for an in-depth dive into the world of SOPs, PMs and MOPs!